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Organization Name: Family Learning Solutions (FLS), Inc.

Federal Tax ID: 31-1508709 * I.R.S. approved 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization

Program Name: I AM College READY (formerly known as BROTHERS)

Dear Brothers/IACRS Alumni:
The University of Maryland School of Social Work is interested in hearing about your experience with the I Am College Ready Solutions (IACRS; formerly known as BROTHERS) program. In person interviews will be conducted (about 60 minutes long) to hear about your experience. If you are interested in participating, please click on the following link to submit your contact information:
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Low-to-no-income New American/Immigrant and Highest Risk youth/families residing in Gaithersburg, Silver Spring and Wheaton communities. All services are currently provided at Albert Einstein HS in Wheaton and Gaithersburg HS in Gaithersburg, Montgomery County, Maryland. 50 students at each school directly benefit from program and approximately a total of 150 students benefit per school year including indirect benefit (younger siblings and student peers not enrolled in program).


Since BROTHERS and FLS launched college readiness programming:

  • over 1000 highest risk, lowest income, native-born and Immigrant youth reached 100% high school graduation

  • less than 2% remained active in gangs and/or involved in juvenile justice system

  • 75% students enrolled in college

  • 60% graduated college within 5 year period

  • 85% improvement in attendance per school year

  • 80% improvement in report card grades per school year

  • 80% improvement in behavior during the school day per school year

  • 100% improved knowledge of health and career skills per school year


The (IAMCR) program collaborates with the following groups:

  • Montgomery County Public School System (Albert Einstein HS and Gaithersburg HS) (space, outcomes data, referrals, school staff)

  • Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services (funding)

  • Howard University, Montgomery County Community College, University of Maryland (career speakers)


Services provided free of charge to participants include: 

  • Group Mentoring
  • Group Tutoring
  • Career Development
  • Career Speakers Series
  • Community Service
  • College Admissions Support
  • Social Skills Development
  • After-School Snacks
  • Business Attire for Group Career Presentations
  • Please consider making a tax-deductible charitable donation to Family Learning Solutions, Inc. to fund activities and/or services including:

    • Career Development (Dress Shirts/Ties for Male Participants) ** Snacks and School Supplies ** Video Production

    • I AM College READY National Expansion to additional high school sites

      The ultimate purpose of the FLS mission is to improve academic and social skills among participants to the level necessary for productive and self-sufficient adult living. I AM College READY (IAMCR) is the outcome of 30 years of delivering peer-led group mentoring and tutoring services to over 1000 high school graduates and college enrolled youth from Montgomery County, Maryland.

      Hudson Peer Mentoring Model and I AM College READY

      The Hudson Peer Mentoring Model is a proven effective peer-led or peer-to-peer mentoring-tutoring model, which partners successful high school students with peers to support academic development and post-secondary enrollment/goals, career attainment. Because of peer leadership and support throughout the school day and school year, fellow students are empowered to attend programming in high school and develop the confidence to aim for higher education. Parents are informed about the realistic options available and are able to support their children’s efforts at attaining college or post-high school educational training.

      Montgomery College students and high school students experience the benefits of community service through their career speaking sessions in the group mentoring model. These achieving students gain valuable teaching experience and life lessons. Selected high school students attend supervised and organized field trips to local colleges.

      History and Mission of Family Learning Solutions (FLS), Inc. and Hudson Peer Mentoring Model:

      p>BROTHERS, founded in 1984 by Mr. Morris H. Hudson, the first of its kind in Montgomery County, Maryland, established a model of group mentoring at several high schools that relied on achieving peers mentoring less academically achieving peers at their school location. These students are performing community service through their speaking and support to their peers. Founded in 1997 by Dr. Lori Melman, LCSW-C, to address gaps in academic achievement and supportive services to residents of Montgomery County, Maryland, FLS implemented a comprehensive youth development program at a housing community to provide effective academic, enrichment and supportive services in a physically accessible location, which ensured accessibility to the “hardest to reach” and “most in need” youth and families. Mr. Hudson and Dr. Melman joined forces in 2000 to implement college readiness programming via the peer-leadership-mentoring model to high-school students enrolled in Montgomery County public schools, at their high school which ensured access to hardest to serve youth (youth without transportation and limited parent availability).

      Investment/Outcomes Ratio

      I AM COLLEGE READY (formerly known as BROTHERS):
      A Model for attaining College Admission

      The formerly titled program known as BROTHERS, serving youth residing in Montgomery County, Maryland, since 1984, has led to over 1000 students graduating from 4-year colleges. The amount of funding BROTHERS has received probably makes it the least funded and most accomplished community based mentoring program in the United States's history of publicly funded programs. That being said, the number one goal of the I AM College READY program is to reach thousands more deserving youth throughout Montgomery County and communities across the United States.